Repair service

You and your “Deuter” share a story. That’s why we try to repair your favourite pieces.

We know that you don’t simply want to replace a backpack that has been a loyal companion and has lived through many great and small adventures with you. Your sleeping bag has kept you warm on many nights and should continue to keep you snug and cosy. And after many years together, you want to continue to rely on your accessories.


Better to repair than throw away

Long-term durability is extremely important for our products, because we want you to enjoy your favourite pieces for as long as possible. By extending the life cycle of your Deuter product, we also contribute to conserving resources. Because repairing is better than throwing away. This has been a tradition at Deuter: our qualified specialists have been carrying out repairs on-site at Deuter for 120 years.

Are there any repair kits for backpacks or for tears in the material?

Repair sets for backpacks are not available, but we promise you a repair.